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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Care for Your Lace Curtains

Heritage Lace curtains are 100% polyester so they're very easy to care for! Machine wash warm, gentle cycle. Do NOT bleach. Spin dry gentle and hang in place slightly damp. No ironing is required.

How Many Curtains Do I Need Per Window?

Fullness is a matter of taste. Generally, curtains should be two or more times the width of the window. The more material you use, the less pattern you will see. We suggest 2x the width of the window but have on occasion used less when we really wanted to show off a particular pattern.

What Is the Difference Between White, Off-White, Ecru, Linen and Antique Colors?

 WHITE - similar to the color of copy paper
 OFF-WHITE - similar to the color of old china
 ECRU - similar to the color of a manilla folder
 CAFÉ - the color of coffee with lots of cream
 ANTIQUE - similar to the color of golden caramel

Above colors when installed at window will become slightly lighter in shade.

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